Friday, February 24, 2006

New Home Fire Sale Watch

Lately, the Sacramento housing market (and this blog) has been inundated with reports of new home incentives and price reductions. Last weekend there was the extended "one-time" Centex sale and price slashing by DR Horton (covered here and here). What will this weekend bring?

Please contribute to this blog by keeping your eyes open for the latest "deal." Send in what you find either in the comments below or by e-mail. Make sure to post/send a link to the ad, if available. You can also send in a scanned ad (with source info) and I'll post it below.

To get started, try the Sacramento Bee. Happy Hunting!

Thanks to reader capitalme for the reminder of the 2006 Sacramento Home Buyers Expo, going on Saturday & Sunday at the Sacramento Convention Center. Admission Free! Sorry no Sacramento Land(ing) T-shirts are available, but there is always this.


Meritage Homes ($20,000-90,000)

This weekend, Meritage Homes is offering homebuyers an opportunity to save $20,000 to $90,000 with its exclusive "Done Deal" package available on select homes at its Sacramento-area communities. "We've designed our Done Deal package to not only save homebuyers thousands, but also to make it easier than ever to start enjoying their new home the moment they move in," said Mike Anderson, Meritage Homes division president. "Depending on the home and community, the Done Deal package may include front-and backyard landscaping, window coverings, washer, dryer and refrigerator, thousands towards closing costs and thousands towards options and upgrades.

Meritage has six local communities to choose from: ...Bentwater, the Landing and Windrift at Bridgeway Lakes in West Sacramento....
Great name, by the way! West Sacramento + "the Landing" = perfect match.
Thanks Happy Renter!


1happyrenter said...

Here's a sacbee Meritage advertisement posted at 2:05a.m.

Another large price reduction!

arizonadude said...

New home builders seem very reluctant to lower prices most of the time. They must be getting very desperate now. Usually they like to keep prices stable so previous buyers who signed contracts do not cancel and walk away from deal. They also like to raise prices a little to give the buyer locked into a contract a little incentive to go though purchase. They also do not like to upset previous buyers who already purchased their homes.Buyers have actually sued the builder on this issue before which seeems strange to me. Big price drops are a huge sign of underlying weakness.

1happyrenter said...

Did anyone go to the buyer show at the convention center this weekend? I'm curious about the turnout.