Saturday, January 28, 2006

Adopt an Orphan Bubble Market

I started this blog because I wanted information about my local housing market and I wanted it all in one place. New York Times blogger Damon Darlin recently made this comment:

But all a home owner cares about is what is happening in his or her neighborhood. National statistics are not very useful to them.
I would add the phrase "potential home owner" as well. There is definitely a need for more information on the local and perhaps even neighborhood level. Maybe we will start seeing more local housing blogs such as this one. Who knows, maybe the future "Bubblosphere" will include names such as Roseville Wilting, Folsom Leaking, or Elk Grove Burning!

So a question to readers: What housing bubble markets still need a housing blog? Here's a map to help you out.


Lander said...

My first thoughts: Las Vegas & Florida (any city)

bearmaster said...

Thanks so much for posting a link to my housing bubble blogger map!

SacramentoLanding, I will add this blog to the map.

Any roving reporters out there willing to take on a dirty job? : )

fishtaco said...

santa barbara

HighSierraGuy said...

Oregon- Paucity of data. Suppose they're still trying to keep us out?

Chico- Ditto on data. I'm thinking this university town may be a good place to retire, (esp if you like IPAs) and a great base camp for getting to the mountains).

Merced--Not the least bit interested in owning here. But it's like leering at a freeway crash.

N.B. great link to bearmaster's national map site--good info.

David said...

how bout Bakersfield and Pheonix? They are totally bubblicious