Thursday, January 12, 2006

Submit Article Links

Help out this blogger by submitting article links in the comments below. I'd like the links to be relevant to the Sacramento housing market or the greater Central Valley real estate market. Local newspaper articles are especially welcomed. This will be a great help in two ways:

  1. It will alert me to articles that I've missed.
  2. Even if I don't post the article for some reason, other readers can benefit by following your link.
Please post comments with article links only. If you have other types of comments or suggestions please post them elsewhere on this blog or e-mail me here.


The Oracle said...

This article shows a couple of real estate "experts" and their overpriced "investment" AKA money loser.

Happy Renter said... just updated their stats for Sacramento

Happy Renter said...

Stacey233 said...

There is site with lots of bubble related links including Sacramento and other Californian cities

There is also a real estate stories page:

Jeff S

drwende said...

Centex offers $50k to $150k in discounts at Sacto-area tracts, 2/11 only:

Max said...

I've been tracking the behavior of the Sacramento housing market off and on. Some interesting things have been happening recently so I decided to write them up:

BigDaddy63 said...

Why you need to buy Sacramento houses now!! (lol)

I love Real Estate Salesman...

It is just as nuts in South Florida

My blog covers that market. thanks

HighSierraGuy said...

Lander, this is in the hard copy of the Bee today but I had to look elsewhere to find a link.

"Owning multiple homes is new trend"