Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pottery Barn Incentives & Stockton: A Match Made in Heaven?

Stocktonians rejoice! The home builder incentive parade has reached your door! Kimball Hill Homes is now presenting buyers with Best Buy and Pottery Barn gift certificates totaling $10,000 (among other incentives)!

"That's insane incentives," said Henry Doughton, who became a beneficiary of the promotional program when he purchased a home in the Enclave at Montauban, one of three Kimball Hill communities in Stockton where the program is offered. Doughton will trade the Best Buy certificate in for a washer and dryer, refrigerator and flat-screen television for his new home.He is less sure of his Pottery Barn purchases, though."That's a lot of comforters and sheets," he said.The certificates, credit and free upgrades totaled about $52,000, "too great to go anywhere else," he said. [What about Centex?]
Unfortunately, you will have to travel to spend your money as Pottery Barn has not made it to Stockton yet. Of course, you could make a trip to the Pottery Barn in Sacramento and then buy a second home on the way back at the Centex 12-hour sale in Elk Grove!

But wait...that's not all. Other home builders have been offering tickets to Hawaii and keys to cars! Pacific Mountain Partners, builder of Citrus at Mossdale Landing in Lathrop is offering $30,000 incentives and a toolbox and blanket as welcome gifts! Woodside Homes in its north Stockton Volterra community is taking $20,000 off the list price if the buyer closes in 30 days and another $10,000 if the buyer uses the company's lender! Not to be left out, Shea Homes will be offering "unspecified" one-day incentives on Feb. 25 on its Patterson properties!

So hurry and don't delay!

The shelf life of such incentive programs will likely be short...."If builders are giving away incentives, they're going to go away soon...."

Did I mention the Sacramento Centex 12-hour sale?


Lander said...

Thanks to a reader for this wonderful gem.

Anonymous said...

I guess Kimbill Hill's doubling of the "one year warranty coverage on materials and workmanship" in Winter of 2005 wasn't enough to bring in the buyers.

It's interesting that Kimball Hill would offer Pottery Barn and Best Buy gift certificates totalling $10,000. Presumably KH would have to pay the full $10,000 face value for these gift certificates? Other upgrades, such as "$10,000" in granite countertops and other features, don't actually cost the builder $10,000.

Anonymous said...

The link I tried to post earlier didn't seem to post right. You can find the Kimball Hill Homes Winter 2005 newsletter in the newsletter section of the KH website

Patient Renter said...

A toolbox and a blanket eh? Hahaha. This is a gem.