Monday, April 17, 2006

"Low-Earning Realtor Wants Steady Job"

Ask Ella: Low-Earning Realtor Wants Steady Job

Dear Ella,

I have been a full-time Realtor for the past eight years.

Prior to real estate, I was a highly regarded administrative assistant, which is what I hope to return to doing.

Due to a less-than-desirable real estate market, my earnings will not impress an interviewer unfamiliar with the tough nature of the business.

Being a Realtor is not easy; we are not paid until a home is sold. Often we spend money, time and effort only to have our potential clients walk away simply because they changed their minds.

In my mind I would be a fabulous candidate for any employer. I worked extremely long hours and have been creative, energetic, positive and fun, even in a down market. I stayed motivated and positive and received little to no financial compensation. Imagine how grateful and hardworking I would be if I were earning a regular paycheck.

How do I convey how valuable I could be to a company? How can I get them to see me as a great asset rather than a gamble? How do I get a potential employer to understand that I'm grateful for all that I've learned as a Realtor but am more than ready to leave this profession behind to give my new career 110 percent?


Happy Renter said...

Great arcticle on msn.

"29% of those that bought in 2005 are under water"

John Doe said...

This is exactly right. Being an agent is tough business.

A good friend of mine has an insurance agency and loves to hire out of work real estate agents because they are very motivated after trying to sell homes. The work is also largely the same as far as marketing prospects.

I have a feeling that many "real estate" moguls will be trying to return to their day jobs only to find that the other job markets aren't as friendly as when they left. Life sucks to find a job in an economic downturn. But, I have to say that I feel sorry for people like her that never had a chance in the market; there are sharks that will eat her alive (and likely did judging by her lack of self esteem) in real estate.

Anonymous said...

You just described me to a T. I used to be a Store Mgr for Home Depot for yrs and came in to Real Estate 2 yrs ago. I now find myself making very little return on my investment and i sometimes question my career change.

I pray that this is temporary and the market will recover. I would give them your job description of your position and job duties when you were a Mgr before and give them some references from your old bosses. As far as them not being impressed with your wages, they should understand your situation. Everyone knows the market in real estate is down right now, besides -the previous 3 guys they probably interview are probably agents too. No pun intended....

Good Luck