Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sacramento Bee Publishes Corrections

I mentioned earlier a couple of errors that appeared in the Sacramento Bee's March housing article. This month I noticed an error in the April article. The story said:

Median sales prices, too, posted their third straight monthly gains in all but Yolo County.
This is incorrect. The median price in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado counties increased from the prior month in February and March, but not January. That is two straight months, not three.

Today, the Sacramento Bee published these corrections:
An April 21 story on Business Page D1 about March regional home sales and prices incorrectly stated the number of months in a row that median prices rose in Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado counties. Prices rose two months in a row. A March 17 story about February sales and prices on Business Page D1 also incorrectly noted a "continued upward momentum" for median prices in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer and El Dorado counties since October and November. Prices in all four counties fell at least once after those months. The story also should have said that February's regional sales fell by 30 percent over the same month a year earlier.
I really hope I don't have to play the role of the nag again in May.


HighSierraGuy said...

LOL- I noticed a recipe correction today for chile rellenos (I think) where they said, "oops, not suppose be a quart of half-n-half as we stated last week, but a cup". Sloppy recipe, sloppy reporting.

peterbob said...

I emailed the local reporter about a story on real estate, and how she was missing the bigger picture (didn't talk about a drop in volume or the rise in inventories) and how her headline was misleading.

Her response: "Here we go again, it seems like we have this conversation ever month..."

In reality, this was only the SECOND time that I had contacted her. The first was when the headline read "Prices continue to climb" when the article said that prices MOM had fallen (she apologized for that mistake).

Then, she tells me that she didn't want to reveal the drop in sales in February because she hear from the local realtors that March numbers would be good.

Let me get this straight. She is not reporting the latest numbers because realtors told her that the forthcoming numbers would be different? Listen, either report the officially released numbers, or report your 'advanced' news. But be consistent! (I'm sure that she will never refrain from releasing RE favorable numbers when the 'advanced' news is poor.