Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sacramento Inventory Tops November High-Water Mark

Existing home inventory in the Sacramento housing market now exceeds the high-water mark reached in November 2005, according to all three inventory tracking sites. Welcome to spring!

Sacramento Housing Bubble
11/15/2005: 12,004
4/15/2006: 12,011

Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking
11/10/2005: 11,980
4/14/2006: 12,198

Housing Tracker
11/14/2005: 8,286
04/14/2006: 8,334


Happy Renter said...

Robert Cote,
Was it you that was looking to buy in the Sac Area, due to your wifes influence and dogs? I've been blogging on the bubble for awhile and I'm trying to place you.

Rob Dawg said...

NFW, I'm fat dumb and happy in a Prop 13 McMansion in Camarillo surrounded by open space , Williamson Act, EPA and Coastal protected stream and golf courses. I'm watching Sacto as a canary in the coal mine for California particularly the Central Valley mega market. My daughter goes off to college Sept '08 so I might be ready to buy in SLO or wherever else she enrolls in the UC system. If she ends up in one of them there Boston skools it might be time to buy there as well. My wife is full on board with our selling all our investment class real estate leaving only the vacation and primary residenses. You are thinking of someone else.

sf jack said...

happy -

You're thinking of sfsteve (?), who wanted to consider selling his place in SF and moving to Sacto.

I think he did it already, locking in something like $500K or $700K in equity. He was relieved to have sold his place without too much effort in the late fall, if I recall.

He had started to hear stories about places beginning to have increased DOM in SF, an unheard of phenomena for a number of years because there had been so little inventory.

And Robert - Didn't you live in Santa Monica at one time?

Rob Dawg said...

sf_jack, you have a long memory. Yes, I used to live near the Gheary House. Bought my first investment property while still living in a rent controlled apartment.

norcal ray said...


enjoy your comments and insight. You still think the market will drop 20% this year in Cal?

sf jack said...

Robert -

Not sure when you lived there, but I only recently recalled you having talked about being in Santa Monica, or having property there - that's all.