Tuesday, May 09, 2006

7 Houses For Sale, 3 Pre-Foreclosures, 1 Street

The Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking blog takes another look at the Sacramento Bee article I linked to on Sunday.

Seven SFR on one street for sale. That certainly is a lot of homes for sale. There's nothing like a real live example from the field to demonstrate the rising inventory documented on this blog. However, what the story FAILED to inform the reader is that on this same street, there are THREE pre-foreclosures. [Read More]


Happy Renter said...

Does anyone know how many houses are on that street?

Happy Renter said...

Jimmy Castro proclaims,
"PRICES are still very affordable in the greater Sacramento area. So if you're thinking about buying a home, now is the time to do it! There's still a little time before we get into the summer months where prices tend to increase across the board......"

I thought prices would increase across the board this spring?
They're falling however.

I love it that their still using fear tactics even though the market is clearly falling apart.

fishtaco said...

There are 306 active listing in Davis (95616 & 95618) according to MetroList. What is that 200% of normal? Sounds like a soft landing to me. Either that or the bottom has completely fallen out from the market. No more investors, no more move-ups, very few first time buyers, basically no more suckers.

Happy Renter said...

Lyon realty updated their pricing trends for march.

Lyon Realty

Happy Renter said...

I'll try that again.
Lyon Realty!