Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April Roundup: Sunny Weather Brings Out the...Sellers, Inventory Up 10%

The big news last month (besides the slaughter of the homebuilders) was the rapid buildup of inventory in the last week or two of April. It appears that when the rains stopped, the sellers decided it was time to sell. By some measures, inventory in the Sacramento housing market is now approaching record levels.

Sacramento Housing Bubble:
3/31/2006: 11,555
4/30/2006: 12,754
+10.4% in April
+26.8% in 2006

Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking:
3/31/2006: 11,833
4/30/2006: 12,989
+9.8% in April
+28.9% in 2006

Housing Tracker:
04/01/2006: 8,103
05/01/2006: 8,914
+ 10.0% in April
+30.0% in 2006

(Note: The three sites use different sources for their numbers. Please see the individual sites for more information on methodology and areas of coverage.)


Out at the peak said...

I know people who are finally getting the message and want to sell now. I tried telling them to do it Q3 2005, but only a lucky few took my advice. It's a difference of 10's of thousands of dollars so far.

With a rush to the exit, who are the suckers buying?

tom stone said...

by definition,half of the populace has an IQ under 100.many of these are impaired,chemically or otherwise...the shell game still works after thousands of years.

Happy Renter said...

The record reported at
Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking:

was 13,500.

and we're at close to 13,000.

Oc renter reports in just 8 more days, and I can't wait.

The rebutle will be that the population has increased and that the inventory per capita is not record breaking. Unfortunately the inventory will still be increasing at that time.