Saturday, May 13, 2006

Harris Poll: Only 7% Trust Real Estate Agents Completely

"Different professions vary greatly in how much they are trusted to give their clients or patients good advice. According to a recent Harris Poll measuring U.S. adults’ trust in 11 different professions to give advice that is best for them, the professionals trusted completely by the greatest number of adults are doctors (50%), dentists (47%), and nurses (46%). At the other end of the list, those with the fewest adults saying they trust them completely are stockbrokers (6%), real estate agents (7%) and insurance agents (9%)."


Happy Renter said...

Yup, it's a bad time to be an agent.No respect, poor earnings, and Agents will be the initial targets when this has fallen apart.
I'm just waiting for the first news article about agents being assaulted and or having their cars or houses vandalized. It's inevitable. You see these articles occasionally for car dealers. Disgruntled customer smashes his car through the front of the show room floor and the like. They made their bed.

Happy Renter said...
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Anonymous said...

I know someone locally who received her real estate license this year. She's been ambushing parents at the local school, trying to get them to buy or upgrade. She finally got one single-income family, with a banckruptcy on their records and a $250,000 ARM/IO mortgage on their current home of 5 years, to upgrade to a $550,000 house. She's suggesting they use their current home as a rental. She also convinced them to go into business with her by buying up parcels of land on which to build homes to rent. She's making a huge commission, and she's either a really stupid novice, or she's a heartless and conniving killer, telling them "The market's only going to go up!"

I spoke with the wife of the buyer, and she told me the husband is already stressed out (because she doesn't have a job to help pay for it), they fight about it every day, and the kids are suffering for it. They haven't even moved in yet!

Happy Renter said...

My girlfriend and I drove through River Park. We like to play this game where I give the general discription, off the flyer, and she has to guess the price.
There is a house on Sandburg,we stopped at

3 bed
2 bath

She guessed $450,000

It's on the market for
$719,000! or about $300/sqft.

We laughed our ass's off!

Even in this market that is absurd.

Happy Renter said...

Great article in the Sacramento bee on condo conversions.

Condo Convert!


"Ross said "hundreds of units" in and near downtown are candidates for conversions alongside planned high-rise construction that could bring up to 2,000 new condos downtown in coming years."

"At least 7.4 percent of apartments were vacant in the city of Sacramento in the first quarter of 2006, according to RealFacts, an apartment industry research firm based in Marin County."

"Built in 1980, Southwood received a city permit to convert to condos in the early 1980s but didn't act on it. That permit has expired, Gallelli Jr. said.
He's bullish on the condo market. "I believe there will be continued demand for condos throughout Sacramento. The median prices of houses is not going down," he said.

If even half of the condo conversion/ construction projects in the area go through we'll triple our inventory. And for the record the Median price of houses in Sacramento has been going down since September.

This condo conversion crap signals the end.

Happy Renter said...

if you go to and look at the pricing trends for eldorado hills,the Average For Sale price is in the low to mid 700,000
the average Sold price is in the low to mid 500,000.
So basically every just thinks their house is worth 700,000.

Happy in SF said...

Condos offering 50k incentives:

tom stone said...

7% is about right,i think,but if 50% completely trust doctors it shows an appalling lack of knowledge about the health care industry.i'm in the biz,and although there are brokers i respect i would never go into a deal without performing my own due diligence. condo "investments" are incredible(not credible)...anyone want to pay $350k for a one br condo in rincon valley(santa rosa)that will rent for $750 a month? it has granite countertops you can pound you head against when you come down off that pcp and cheap vodka high and realize what you bought this time.