Monday, May 22, 2006

More DataQuick Numbers for April

DQNews has posted the DataQuick "total" numbers (resale houses/condos and new homes) for April 2006. The following shows the percent change in median sales price from the prior year.

  • Sacramento County: 2.86%
  • Placer County: -0.53%
  • El Dorado County: 7.38%
  • Yolo County: 1.47%


Happy Renter said...

At this point in the game YOY increases are literally borrowed time.
What is particularly special about the coming decline is that it will occur in May/June, historically hot months for real estate.
Positive YOY for the next 2 months then slight declines in August would mean, to me, a soft landing.
Declines during the height of the season however, thats a crash!

tom stone said...

come now renter! we won't see sales this good again for years!

fishtaco said...

Wow! Davis is down -11.66%! That is amazing and it wasn't like there were only two or three sales, there were 40. It looks to be a long summer of market chasing for all the Yolo sellers out there. The flood of overpriced homes are just not selling. Who can afford a 600,000 teardown? Who wants a 450,000 1050 sqft POS? Folks that think 869,000 is reasonable for a 4/2 1969 non-updated home in Davis that needs tons of work are just plain delusional. Check out El Macero ( in Yolo), they are down -67%. Nobody is buying those overpriced central valley turkeys.

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs posted a note for clients yesterday that said they are forecasting the economy to cool end of 06 and into 07, which will cause the long end of interest rates to decline a little, flattening the yield curve, and the Fed to pause.

Extrapolating what GS said, if the job losses are moderate and interest rates back off a little, then this could bring the soft landing many are hoping for. OTOH, if Bernanke overshoots and raises rates too high, R.E. will sell off hard and economy goes into recession.

Van Housing Blogger said...

"then this could bring the soft landing many are hoping for."

Nice try. 10 year bonds going from 5.10% down to 4.9% mean nothing when your neg-am I/O resets and doubles your already-stretched payment.

See you on the other side.

norcal ray said...

There has been no soft landing in over 35 years after a big RE boom. The odds are against one this decade. A hard landing is very likely.