Saturday, May 20, 2006

New: Sacramento Real Estate Statistics Blog

Blogger Max, who often posts about the Sacramento housing market on his blog Links of Random Interest, has launched a new blog focused solely on Sacramento real estate. In the first post, the Sacramento Real Estate Statistics blog looks at the percentage of flippers in the Sacramento housing market.


tom stone said...

thanks for the link,good stuff

Happy Renter said...

Interesting stuff but I would never even toy with the idea of flippers being the smart money of realestate. Infact they are the complete opposite, the hyper ignorant. I consider the smart money to be the older homebuilding companys.

Happy Renter said...

Another thing this new blog does not recognize is due to refinancing a flipper could have bought at any point in the past three years and cashed out before selling with a heloc. It's tough to recognize if a flipper is fully stressed because they may not have the ability to reduce the price. They may only be breaking even with the initial price.

We are at a Turning Point and many investors have been waiting for the top. It turned more quickly than even us bubble heads expected.
The investment homes could have been thrown on the market at a break even point.