Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sign: 'It is a house.'

For all you bargain hunters out there:

A sliver of vacant land accompanied a triplex that John Johnston bought six years ago in South Land Park. Over the years, that land had been written off as useless.
Johnston didn't see it that way. He saw the long and skinny plot as the perfect spot for something unusual in Sacramento.

Today, a two-story house stands on the lot, waiting for a buyer. From the front, the home looks like something one might see in France, with narrow windows and a tiny balcony above an ornate and narrow front door. From the side, well...The two-bedroom home is 8-feet deep at the south end, but don't judge the residence by that, Johnston said. "Everyone judges the house by one side, the south side," he said. "On the north side of the house, I have a 12-by-19-foot living room that is full of light. You can put a sofa on any of the four walls. I think this house is a wonderful house..."

Johnston has received varied reactions while his South Land Park home has taken shape. "People kept asking, 'What is it? What is it? What is it?' They were going inside and stopping the workmen, and they couldn't get any work done," Johnston said. "So I finally put up a sign that said, 'It is a house.' "

Johnston said the house was initially going to be his own, but he found the stairs were too rough on his aching leg joints. The home has 1,029 square feet and has been on the market for more than four months, he said. The price has dropped from $479,000 to $399,000. Johnston blames the cooling real estate market. "If I could have had it done six months earlier, I think it would have sold right away," he said. "But, c'est la vie."


rocklin renter said...

The price has dropped from $479,000 to $399,000.

Still way overpriced.

Happy in SF said...

Hahahahaha.. it looks like most of the square footage is in the staircase! What is this, Manhattan?

Marinite said...

A symbol of the times.

tom stone said...

sell it to a realtor,he can put a picture of it on billboards instead of hot air balloons.

Happy Renter said...

Two story's with a non-rectangular angled floor plan enclosing a total of 1000 square ft. This may be the most innefficient use of building materials ever!

Happy Renter said...

Look at what you can get in the same area for around the same price or less.

Agent Bubble said...

MLS #60025854
Good luck with this one!

Happy Renter said...


1.You only need 6 ft. of fence to seperate your property from the adjoining property, the house takes care of the rest.

2. You can shower and use the toilet at the same time.

3. You can install a small door on the narrow end. This will make the building feel really long.

4. driveby's shooters will have a narrow target.

5. If your wife ask you where something is you can reply it's near the stairs, because everything is relatively near the stairs.

6. You can forget about Feng Shui

7. If you ever find a squirel loose in your house it will be easy to corner.

Happy Renter said...

People install mirrors and sliding doors to make rooms feel larger. This guy built a 1000 sqft house that feels like a 500 sqft house.

Anonymous said...

A Darwin award to the JACK A who buys this joint.