Friday, July 07, 2006

June 2006 Inventory

Sacramento inventory continued its impressive upward trajectory, according to three inventory tracking sites. Since the beginning of this year, inventory has grown at least 62%.

Sacramento Housing Bubble:
5/31/2006: 14,822
6/30/2006: 16,329
+10% in June
+62% in 2006

Bubble Markets Inventory Tracking:
5/31/2006: 14,824
6/30/2006: 16,505
+11% in June
+64% in 2006

Housing Tracker:
6/1/2006: 10,087
7/1/2006: 11,324
+12% in June
+65% in 2006

(Note: The three sites use different sources for their numbers. Please see the individual sites for more information on methodology and areas of coverage.)

This graph shows housing inventory for the Sacramento housing market as reported in the Sacramento Bee since February 2005. The June number will be included when it becomes available.

For more inventory fun, check out the Sacramento Real Estate Statistics blog.


norcal ray said...

Now the inventory graph is looking like the price graph with a upward trajectory. Next, the foreclosure graph will zoom upward. After that, the price graph is headed down.

Max said...

I'll release more stats tomorrow. Right now, inventory is recovering after the usual end of the month expiration decline, and I want to capture the relistings. Tomorrow might be a single-day record increase...

crispy&cole said...

Bakersfield regained all the lost month/qtr end listings tonight! Its back to increasing inventory for the valley!

Anonymous said...


See the same old soft landing story in the Stockton Record.

Max said...

Update is made:

Pendings are down to less than 9% of market, and inventory growth might be slowing down...