Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pig Turd Alley

Rodeo Drive, Park Avenue, Pig Turd Alley?

Dave Dittman thinks Jay Leno should buy his house. He figures that's the least he can do, since Leno made so much fun of it in a recent "Tonight Show" segment where the late-night TV talk show host poked fun at oddities or misfires in print.

There was Leno, howling on national television about an ad that Dittman had posted in the San Francisco Chronicle. The ad listed his Amador City property, a three-story, 2,500-square-foot, old-style beauty - with a replica miner's shack as a 650-square-foot side house - for nearly $1 million - $950,000, to be exact.

Actually, Leno didn't seem to find the three-bedroom, 31/2-bath house itself eye-catching. But he loved the address: 10741 Pig Turd Alley...

"It's nice for the notoriety, although I don't know whether it's any benefit to what I'm trying to do - sell my house," said Dittman, whose now-deceased mother bought the house in 1990 for under $300,000, before the Gold Rush real estate days of 2000-05 sent California prices soaring.

Still, he added: "I'm of the belief there's no such thing as bad publicity." On the other hand, he said, there's been very little buyer interest, Leno or not, for the 24-year-old house, built redolent of the Gold Rush-style characteristic of Amador City, population 150.


tom stone said...

this property has been on the market for awhile,a sonoma county real estate rag had it in its february issue.looks like a nice house.

Anonymous said...

Poor Pig Turd Alley guy
It’s going to be a tough sale. I see that the price has been reduced from $1,200,000 to $950,000. And that’s despite the publicity and rather quaint imitation miner’s shack apparently grafted to the side.
I hope for him he manages to dump it before it hits $250,000.

smoggiebakersfield said...

Zillow has Zestimated the house at $510,577. I don't think the "Pig Turd Alley" street name is going to help this guy with the sale either.

AZU-WSH said...

I have seen Pig Turd Alley and I only wish I could live there. There are only three houses, so space is at a premium. I found out the name came from 1800's boarding houses having pigs that congrigated in a shaddy part of the alley in warm weather. I also know that the jazz musician Dave Brubeck spent many hours in the area, and knew any of the older houses on Pig Turd Alley by hart. So, when you mention it to Jay Leno the car collector, that while they are gone now, there used to be two 1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwings that were on the property of one of the three residents. Try to buy those now at seven figures each. Kinda makes you wonder if those folks on Pig Turd Alley know something we don't?