Tuesday, October 24, 2006


From the Sacramento Bee's opinion page:

Downtown Sacramento has no high-rise condominiums, but the proposed Towers project near the river would be the largest of its kind on the West Coast -- if it gets built. If. The downtown isn't poised for a slow housing evolution, but a sudden transformation with an enormous economic ripple effect. Surely Towers developer John Saca is praying for a few more downtown enthusiasts to commit to buying units in his 53-story project. If he presells half of its 799 units -- and he is close -- crucial financing kicks in. The project presumably gets built. And despite this cyclical downturn in the housing market, downtown's skyline changes forever.


Anonymous said...

Nonsense, Saca has just had a little problem with his New York City Contractor (he quit), but that's a minor problem, just a little short in the "cash flow"....

No big deal!

Sacramento has money to burn, whats a little 10 to 20 million here and there,

Sacramento needs to give more money away, not less, in fact the Maloofs don't need 500 million, they need one billion, and gosh darn it, they deserve so give it to them,

Saca shouldn't get that measly amount of money, give him more, give him 400 million, he deserves it! and We like him!

And don't leave Friedman out, even though his heavily subsidized project on 16th just went clunko, give him a break, he got 10 million for the other projects and that WASN'T nearly enough, give him an extra 200 million because he deserves it!

have we covered everybody? Anybody else need a few hundred million or so?

Rob Dawg said...

This doesn't even pass the sniff test. The Bee is pimping for their boy, desperate whore John Saca.

The massively money losing light rail tail is wagging this dog. These downtowners are double down on a desperate bet that they can vitalize (revitalize presumes way too much) core Sacramento.

Anyone who thinks 400 pre-sales deposits on this white elephant are sufficient to put this fiasco over the top is crazy. "Condo" is the new HIV positive. "High Rise Condo" is the new full blown AIDS.

Karl Marx Brothers said...

guess what? I really would WANT to live downtown. I really would.
At least give it a serious try.
BUT - I get so sick of getting panhandled every 10 feet, and feeling that I, Joe Average guy is somehow only an unhip wallet to be drained dry & sent on his way from the oh-so-hip-you'd-never-understand-artys-fartsy downtown scene that I keep my middle class ass out in the suburbs where I can at least make it from my car to the ATM hereabouts without constantly checking for panhandlers.

Hell, read some local blogs from Light Rail riders. And other average folk. We are SICK of bums & winos and nutcases having more rights that mr average citizen, and until they are cleared out ( never happen) or leave us alone ( also never happen) most downtown cores are doomed to 9-5vrs !
Hiding away in a condo in the sky doesnt make it all ok. And isnt the point of downtown living to interact & ENJOY the area?
Whats to enjoy? The bums own it.

tom stone said...

just what sac needs,the perfect symbol of the NEW california! by golly BUILD it! and turn it into section 8 housing for those poor unappreciated bums and winos.yes indeedy,i'm sure it would do wonders for their self esteem,and if they don't turn into productive citizens right away,at least they would have a dry place to smoke crack in the winter.and what could be a more appropriate and enduring monument to the capitols government than that?