Thursday, November 02, 2006

Modesto/Merced Housing Blog

ModMec "Going Quickly"
"Tracking the Modesto and Merced (ModMec) Real Estate Market"


sippn said...

OK its been 3 days, no word from Modesto/Merced.

Are you internet ready out there?

Does anybody care?

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why Merced is nick named Merdead.

At the least for Merdead's sake they appear asbestos free.

Anonymous said...

Lots of bubble blogs go 3 days or longer without an entry. There's no duty to post something every single day.

I'm interested in Modesto and Merced and I'm glad someone is covering them.

Merced Going Quickly said...

The reason to cover Merced? Merced is crash central and will be the first city in this Central Valley to tank, real bad, real quick.

Merced Going Quickly said...

"Merdead" was the original name of my blog, but I found out that's what Merced's rival gangs call the gangster's from Merced. I didn't want to take the chance and someone find me out.

Merced Going Quickly said...

Thanks for posting the link.