Monday, November 27, 2006

"Nobody is Predicting the Projects Will Dry Up"

From the Sacramento Business Journal:

The Southport area in West Sacramento is poised for a big growth spurt. Within the next few months, developers will seek approval for more than 8,200 homes at three sites.
If the projects are approved, the slumping housing market could determine how quickly homes are built. Nobody is predicting the projects will dry up, [Steve] Patek [West Sacramento's director of public works and community development] said. "I think everybody expects that we're coming through the first year of a two-year downturn and that it will pick up again," he said.

It's unclear whether the housing downturn affected two Southport projects that were recently withdrawn.

One proposal by KB Home was for 1,700 homes on 400 acres along the river. The national homebuilder is no longer pursuing that project, but still has an interest in the Southport area, KB Home spokesman Craig LeMessurier said. Other developers are looking at the property but the city hasn't received a formal proposal. Blackridge Southport LLC proposed rezoning areas in the Southport Business Park to allow for new-home construction. That application was withdrawn in September.


Max said...

Not where they plan to build. More likely to flood.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking good in Southport. Yarbrough, River Park and University should be a nice mix-use community. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Here are the websites:

Southport Communities:

River Park Master Planned Village

Yarbrough Master Planned Golf Village

University Park Retirement Village

Anonymous said...

me and Ma Joad decide not to move on back to Okiehoma, but we gonna stay and camp out some over there in West Sac on the River, where we can get some good vitlles with them there Chinamen from Laos,

as you knows, we got kicked outta our fine stucco home in El Dorado Hills cuz we jist culdn't make enuf money at Walmart, even with RoseaSharon workin some, but then Ma Joad got herself with a female problem and RoseaSharon got herself with a child, so we got kicked outta El Dorado Hills,

but we not givin up, we gonna buy one of them fine stucco home in West Sac that comes with a row boat, and we gonna get good jobs as gasoline and tabacky testers with the State...

"They say California's a Garden of Eden, a Paradise to live in and see, but believe it or not, you wont't find it so hot, if you ain't got the doremi"

Pa Joad, formerly El Dorado hills and before from Okiehoma

AnalysisGuy said...

Today’s report on Sacramento has been released!
Daily Home Price Analysis

Merced Going Quickly said...

Pa Joad,
Don't worry, you can become a "loan specialist", and your wide an appraiser. Oh wait, this is 2006 RE market, not the 2004 RE market. Sorry, try getting a job as a "Herbal Supplament Specialist" or a car salesman.

Anonymous said...

Per a west sac senior planner that will go unmentioned here, university village was dead back at the end of 2005. The project has to be annexed and because of the excess units already within the city boundary, they had no interest in breaking a sweat over that project.

No one wants to touch west sac with a ten thousand foot pole. Look at the sales rates for new homes out there. Can you say bloodbath? Triangle? Ugly. River Park? Nasty. West Capital redev? Disgusting. Southport? Kevin Federline.

Anonymous said...

I have been considering the Soutport area and in looks like most here disagree. Where is the hotspot in Sacramento. I have 3 kids. Railyards, River District

Anonymous said...

My .02. Curtis Park, Midtown (high teens and 20s x M+ streets)for areas with built-in long term potential. If you like the planned community feel, Elk Grove (not Laguna) offers good schools with crazy (in a good way) sales prices. Depending on your commute, you may also consider the gazillion new and resale homes on the market in Natomas. Nutomas is competitive with west sac on price points, but offers a nicer community feel and better retail and commercial.

Anonymous said...

THX! I was also looking at Paul Petrovich Curtis Park Village, but that looks to be a long time away.

In Elk Grove, I was looking at Madeira Elk Grove, but the price looks to steep for my liking.