Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sacramento Housing Market - October 2006 C.A.R. Report

The Sacramento Business Journal covers the October C.A.R. report:

In Greater Sacramento, sales decreased 2.8 percent from September, and 30.9 percent from October of 2005. The median price of an existing, single-family detached home in Sacramento decreased 0.6 percent, to $367,270, compared to September, and decreased 4.2 percent compared to October 2005.
Some factoids:
  • This is the 4th consecutive month in which prices have declined from last year's level.
  • This is the 19th consecutive month in which sales have been less than the prior year's level.
  • The median price is now down $27,180 or 6.9% from its August 2005 price peak.

Median Price Since August 2005 Peak

YOY Change in Median Price Since August 2005


Gwynster said...

And yet not out peep out of the SacBee on the October reports.

Lander said...

The SacBee only reports on DataQuick numbers, while the BizJournal relies on C.A.R. & TrendGraphix.

I prefer DataQuick as it gives a more complete picture, including homes not sold by Realtors. Unfortunately, since the SacBee switched what it measures a few months ago, I've had to look at other sources for historical comparison, including CAR.

Gwynster said...

Did I miss the DQ Oct numbers in the Bee? Watching NNA sputter usually makes my day >; )

HappyinSF said...

If you look around the Bee you'll see that NNA post on just about every single story they publish. And it's always his signiture over-the-top response regardless of the subject matter. I'm begining to think NNA is a made up personality by some armchair Andy Kauffman. I'm waiting for his "Borat" style movie to come out that presents his ignorant hatred to show us how silly these beliefs really are.