Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Adventures at the SAR Building

The Sac Rag's RunnerGirl ventures into the Death Star and lives to tell about it:

...[W]hen at the Sacramento Association of Realtors’ building this morning, I came across a large store on the building’s first floor that sells a multitude of signs, flags, banners, clothing, accessories, maps, and everything one could possibly need to sell a home (other than a firm grip on the reality of our cooling housing market.) While waiting to drop off my stuff with the lady at the desk, I experienced full sensory overload with signs screaming out to me from every wall declaring, "Ready for Quick Sale!," "POOL," "SALE PENDING," "OPEN HOUSE 1-4," and other concise taglines intended to lure prospective buyers.

The one sign that was missing, however, was one that read, "I will not be completely honest with you, so much that it ticks you off enough to file an ethics complaint, which is why you’re in this building in the first place."
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