Thursday, March 08, 2007

Agent Bubble Price/Sales Data - February 2007

Agent Bubble has some Sacramento County MLS figures for Feburary. Max has graphed the data here.

  • Change in average price per sq. ft. since last year: -5.6%
  • Change in average price per sq. ft. since 2005 peak: -9.3%
  • Change in # of homes sold since last year: -21.9%
Agent Bubble's data includes all "residential" listings, which is defined in the MLS as:

1 House on Lot
2 Houses on Lot
Mobile Home


anon1137 said...

I'm confused by the different data sets and numbers reported by Lander, Max, and AB, so I guess I'll wait to see what DQ says - should be next week, right?

Perfect Storm said...

From the Bee

Sacramento's starting to become what L.A. is," said barber Tony Thomas, between haircuts on a recent Thursday at his Florin Road shop. "It's just sad." He declined to have his shop's name printed for fear of retaliation for his comments.

South Sac, North Highlands, Norwood Area, Del Paso Heights, Oak Park, Rio Linda home prices will decrease by 60% in the next two years as they complete their transformation to third world nation ststus.