Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Central Coast Housing Bubble Blog & Average Buyer Blog

The latest additions to SL's blogroll:

  • Average Buyer - A blog dedicated to my obsession with buying in the Sacramento housing market


Patient Renter said...

The average buyer blog does indeed read like the blog of an average buyer: someone who wants to buy really bad but is not adequately informed of the various factors at play in the market and therefore has the potential of making a mistake. I may have misinterpreted, but that's what I got from a quick glance.

buying time said...
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Patient Renter said...

I guess I was assuming that price/value and the potential for large near-term value loss would be the biggest factor for anyone considering buying a home right now. I should know that this isn't the case for everyone, and may not be the case for Buying Time.

If buying a home now and suffering substantial near-term value loss is something that Buying Time would consider "making a mistake", I'd just urge her to research the potential downside of home values in the years to come along with the data effecting current prices.

buying time said...

Thanks for advise PR.....I appreciate that you are looking out for us =).

We are certainly waiting for those very reasons (and also cause rent is soo very cheap). However if we see that perfect house (which wouldn't be an ordinary house in a subdivision, cause they are a dime a dozen these days), but one that is truly unique (like on the river), then the potential loss in future value would be considered as part of our purchase decision.

Gwynster said...


I'm like you, heading into fray but not willing to pay those wishing prices.

It will take a damn good property and price to get me to buy. I'm armed with my GFE just in case one shows up. In the meantime I get to pay hardball with the local RE agents which is frustrating and fun.

I imagine there is a lot of angry sex going on in this town (that's a nod to ex-NVmtbroker on Ben's blog)