Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Housing Bust Consequence #874

From the Sacramento Bee:

Kings fans have been grousing about the team's win-loss record, the failed arena talks, the difficulty reselling tickets and the lack of excitement at Arco Arena. Now ticket brokers are predicting the team's front office will see an unprecedented number of season ticket holders pass on renewal.

Before the worst could happen, the front office swung into action: Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof made a push to retain as many current holders as they could before the April 2 deadline for renewal.
The Kings' sales push couldn't come at a worse time. The downturn in California's housing market coupled with a predicted downshift in job growth this year could find Sacramento fans being more judicious about spending.

"I can guarantee that Arco Arena will have a lot of (season) tickets on their hands," said Lakota Verberne, sales manager at All Events Tickets in Roseville.


bbcccvb said...

They aren't making any more seats.

Happy Sam said...

Buy the seats now before you get priced out forever!

Mark said...

Screw the Queens--they're as overrated as Sactown RE....go WARRIORS!!!!