Thursday, May 03, 2007

'The Drop Caught Everybody by Surprise'

From the Sacramento Bee:

District officials say fewer school-age children than expected are living in North Natomas, and additional elementary schools can't be justified.

"The rate of growth has slowed dramatically, so we're in a very stabilized enrollment situation right now," said district Superintendent Steve Farrar. "You may have a very large development, but if it only produces 100 kids, you can't build a school for them."

Enrollment was rising by about 12 percent a year as recently as two years ago, Farrar said. Recently it has slowed to less than 3 percent. "The drop caught everybody by surprise," he said.
[City Councilman Ray] Tretheway said he plans to attend the district's forum to find out more about enrollment numbers. "I'm a little surprised that the projected youth movement in Natomas is coming to a screeching halt," he said.


rocklin renter said...

So... instead of enrolling in Natomas area schools the kids will remain enrolled in their current school.

These are just projections by the district. They are known to be incorrect - many teachers don't get hired until after the school year begins as there are so many LAZY parents that don't get their kids enrolled until the last minute.

Anyhow - bottom line: people still will live somewhere and their kids will still need to go to school somewhere. If the school district overbuilt, shame on them. They are elected officials mostly, so if they messed up just exercise your power and vote them out next go-round.

norcaljeff said...

Politicians need to STOP spending tax dollars before they are collected, PERIOD! Hold onto your wallets folks, they'll be coming after you for mo' money!