Monday, May 28, 2007

More Housing Blogs

Some recent additions to SL's blogroll:

L.A. Land - Peter Viles on the rapidly changing landscape of the Los Angeles real estate market and beyond.

Texas Housing Bubble - Analyzing the Texas housing bubble and its effect on the economy.

Northern Virginia Housing Bubble Fallout - Let's examine the particles as they fall and hold a lively discussion of the Greater Northern Virginia Real Estate market. You'll also find same-house sales comparisons here.

Baltimore Housing Bubble - A Blog on the Baltimore Housing Bubble.

New York City Housing Bubble - 'The BIG Picture' - A North Williamsburg Brooklyn Bubble ? Fuggetaboutit!

Maine Bubble Blog - A look at the Maine housing market, economy and quality of life issues that impact real estate.

Portland Housing Blog


Sippn said...

Calculated Risk today highlighting differences in how RealtyTrack and DataQuick measure foreclosures and NODs, even Moody's called them bad names!

Harriet said...

Thanks for the mention!

I'm now cross-eyed from going through all the Prince William County VA "short-sales" and foreclosures tonight.

Harriet at NOVA Housing Bubble

Working Class Schlep said...

Thank you! I linked you back.