Monday, July 16, 2007

Real Estate Graphs 2.0


Sacramento Real Estate - Trulia

No more ugly static graphs! I've decided to outsource all my graph creation duties to the widget making wizards of Web 2.0. Behold the magically updating real estate statistics graph.

The first graph above is from Altos Research and shows the median asking price for homes in the city of Sacramento. You can find more graphs for Sacramento and other area cities on their website (link also on the sidebar). Graphs include days on market, price per square foot, and inventory. You can also add a median price graph widget to your own blog or website.

The last two graphs are from OSG's Hardtack (link also on the sidebar). They show the inventory of single family homes and condos for sale in the Sacramento region. You can find more inventory graphs as well as price data on Hardtack's website. The data is derived from real estate sites such as (which also powers Housing Tracker). Unlike Housing Tracker, Hardtack allows you to drill down to the city level.

Hardtack also lets you add a variety of inventory graphs to your blog or website using this great device. The tool allows customization by region, property type, and even chart dimensions. Now if only they had price graphs, perhaps I'd permanently retire. On second thought, perhaps I'll continue to subject you to my ugly Excel graphs. After all, we can't trust Hal, can we?


Sittin' Out This One said...

Lander, It would be very interesting if you could find some data and a graph of the foreclosures in the Sacramento market. Evidently, there were 3400 homes taken back by the lenders in June. I believe we had 1500 homes sold by realtors and 600 homes sold by builders in June. We could add a net of 1300 homes next month, meaning July & August inventory will get buried.

25,000 units for sale may be a realistic market number for Sacramento. If we sell 1500 units/month, that becomes 16 months of inventory. That is an important factor, and some additional graphs and data might help up us to determine if this is a realistic forecast.

paranoid renter said...

Altos Research doesn't seem to have any data for Roseville and Rocklin. The data for Folsom are surprisingly robust - it shows a buyers market!

paranoid renter said...

Oops...I meant sellers market.

Sippn said...

Lander - verrry nice.

Sittn - got to find a reliable source for foreclosure data as Realty Trac duplicates a lot.

Was reading a guy at the OCR saying in early '90s we hit 19 months inventory - mostly due to very low sustained sales numbers.

But look at what PR has "discovered".

Diggin Deeper said...


Are you confirming the Folsom numbers as correct or is it just another service that has old, outdated information?

I love the visuals. If sittn' has correct info, this is probably the first month foreclosed properties outstripped total sales. If this continues, the pressure on prices to the downside should pick up some momentum soon.

But who knows maybe we're finding a bottom...Forgetting what the graphs are indicating.

anon1137 said...

They aren't displaying correctly on my computer - just two gray boxes - so I may have to reconfigure my ad blockers, etc.

The DQ data for June should be out today, right?

Sittin' Out This One said...

Diggin Deeper,

The more I think about 3400 foreclosures in one month, the more I think the news media (KFBK) must not understand the stats. It is beyond reasonable to think that many houses became REO's in one month. I will find out.

anon1137 said...

Southland home sales hit 14-year low,0,5611913.story?coll=la-home-center

Sippn said...

Diggin, its likely FOlsom numbers are correct as we aren't talking about foreclosure numbers.

But the trends in Folsom look like the trends through the north east area ... the wedge between the rivers .... better demand, less pain, not overloaded with new tract homes,

Its like when the flippers drove into town from the bay, they stopped in West Sac, Natomas, Elk Grove and turned south at Sunrise .... missing or spending their money before they got to Folsom... how else do you explain why someone would spend a mil on a JTS box in Anatolia (RC) on a flat 1/4 acre instead of a nice custom in FOlsom with views, schools and resturants nearby?

Big signs must of worked.

Regarding the foreclosure data -

news editor to cub reporter - "call the county recorder, and confirm the numbers."

Cub reporter "does he have a myspace?" "I IMd hm n he dnd rspnd."

Lander said...

Lander, It would be very interesting if you could find some data and a graph of the foreclosures in the Sacramento market.

So much data, so little time. I think I'll let others wade into the foreclosure statistics quagmire :)

Diggin Deeper said...


Good explanation...but wouldn't that also apply to EDH as well?

If they didn't overbuild those areas, then it does make sense. But I still believe if most areas get pneumonia, the rest get a bad cold, regardless of your stated facts.

Got a text message for the first time... from my grandaughter. Thought it was a junk message and dumped it...she gave me hell for not responding immediately...Who'd a known???

ralphk said...

I live in Folsom - I've noticed an increasing number of for sale signs and a surprising number that appear to be "sold" fairly quickly.

However, there appear to be an even greater number that are languishing on the market for months, more and more with overgrown lawns. Many have simply removed the for sale sign and now appear vacant.

Diggin - get used to it :) Seems like I only "converse" with my teenager via text...frequently in the next room.