Saturday, June 23, 2007

West Coast's Tallest Condo Towers or Christmas Tree Farm?

From the Sacramento Bee:

What have a hole in the ground about a square block in area and oh, several dozen feet deep and -- theoretically speaking -- about large enough to host twin 53-story towers that could potentially house a luxury hotel, high-end retail space and 804 upscale condo units? What could you do with a hole like that?

Well, you could replace the conjectural twin tower condo idea with a much-scaled back condo idea, say, after the twin tower idea proved too ambitious and an imaginary state employee pension fund pulled its invested money out and an L.A.-based company stepped in to fill the proverbial and actual hole at Third Street and Capitol Mall.

You could do that.

But [Old Sacramento Manager Ed] Astone's got a better idea.

"Christmas tree farm," he says with certainty.
On second thought, he's got an even better idea."How about a monument park for all of the fired Kings coaches?" he suggests.
Mike Testa, vice president for communications at the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, believes the city could use something that keeps visitors coming back. Perhaps, he offers, a Gold Rush theme park? Family-oriented, and with roller-coaster cars shaped like mining cars, of course.
But why not, ponders local development consultant Al Gianini, take something Sacramento is already known for and put that in the hole? Gianini envisions a giant saltwater tank built solely to house the next wayward whales to wander our way. "It would be the Sea World of Sac," he said.

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