Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Phoenix Flippers in Trouble & More

Looks like Max is starting a franchise: Phoenix Flippers In Trouble

Some more recent additions to the blogroll:

Developments - makes sense of the housing slowdown with news, tips and analysis

Santa Barbara Housing Bubble Blog - Home price trends in southern Santa Barbara County (Goleta, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Santa Ynez Valley) and related topics and issues

Housing Kaboom - Watching the Inland Empire real estate market explode

Santa Monica Distress Monitor - Monitoring current real estate market conditions in Santa Monica and testing the hypothesis that Santa Monica's real estate values are subject to the forces of a currently deflating bubble.

San Diego Market Monitor - Market analysis, news and reviews of specific properties that are for sale or have sold at a loss.

Housing Bubble Hall of Shame - Who is responsible for the Housing Bubble? Policy makers, press, investors, wallstreet, mortgage lenders, builders, realtors, appraisors, buyers, flippers, sellers, ... ? They all had a hand in it, but lets pay tribute to some of the more notable or public displays of bubble mania. *All inductees are innocent of a crime until proven guilty in a court of law. *

May 5th & Everything After (San Fernando Valley)

South OC Real Estate Tracker


Patient Renter said... was a nice add :)

Does anyone know of a Portland (Oregon) bubble site, or anything close?

norcaljeff said...

Damn, this reminds of me stock down grades. Once Rio Linda gets its own bubble blog I'll know we've hit the bottom, and for more than one reason :)

bubblemachine said...

Drudge headline...

Merrill Lynch Reports Loss on $8.4 Billion Writedown

Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Merrill Lynch & Co. reported the biggest quarterly loss in its 93-year history after taking $8.4 billion of writedowns, almost double the firm's forecast three weeks ago.

It's getting nasty out there! Does anyone know how to spell recession?

Gwynster said...


It totally reminds me of the old "guess the burnrate" pools we had where we'd try pick the date the firm blew through the last of the venture cash and closed the doors. Those were fun.

My funny of the evening was reading (on the HGTV RE blog) that REOs and foreclosures will not impact sellers prices.

bwhahahaha, great comedy out there.

SheWrestles said...

The non-distressed sellers' asking prices are still high on initial listings. Recently, a woman told us what she was asking and when we told her that the same floor plan around the corner was selling for almost $100,000 less, her reply (in her snootiest possible voice) was, "Well, they *have* to sell."

You have to keep in mind that, for sellers who insist on using a realtor, those ridiculous asking prices are heavily influenced by the person looking to get the commission.

Saint Barbara said...

Bless you, Lander.

Saint Barbara
Santa Barbara Housing Bubble Blog

Max said...

Once Rio Linda gets its own bubble blog I'll know we've hit the bottom, and for more than one reason :)

That, and when Patrick, OCRenter, and myself actually buy a place.

If only... :)

Patient Renter said...

"That, and when Patrick, OCRenter, and myself actually buy a place."

That'll be the day :) According to the bubble blog critics, we all do this for fun and have no real interest in actually buying, haha.

Gwynster said...

I have every intention of buying when we get to a point that won't cripple me for years to come.

alba said...

Phoenix is like North Scottsdale as Sacramento is like Saratoga....different worlds. I'm waiting for the N. Scottsdale and Saratoga bubble blogs.