Saturday, November 22, 2008

October 2008 DataQuick Statistics for Sacramento

By county
By zip (or xls version)


RV6Flyer said...

95819 $309 -1.2%

East Sac hanging in there strong, still above $300 per sq ft.

Diggin Deeper said...

Yea that area has so few properties on the market, so little inventory, it would make sense.

I wonder what effect the haircut in equities will have on the area?

Tyrone said...

Zip 95864 $270,500 -30.3%

Blast from the past:

SacramentoLand(ing) Nov '07
So, if you're buying for your own shelter, and you plan to stay there for a while, find a place you like and negotiate from the cat-bird's seat. Get the best deal you can, move in, and enjoy.

If that "best deal" isn't a mark-down of 30-50%, forget it; you're just a sucker, otherwise. Price-to-rent ratio has a long way to come down in Sacramento.
June 07:..... 28.7
15-year ave:. 19.4
Correction:.. -32.2% (needed)

Hey Tyrone. Re: If that "best deal" isn't a mark-down of 30-50%, forget it...

So I want everyone to remember that Tyrone says that the median price in 95864 needs to be $194,000 before anyone but a sucker would buy.

At least Tyrone makes a sound argument with the price-to-rent ratios. And he did say 30 - 50% decline. If you pick 30% that puts the median in 95964 at $271,600. That's a number that may be a little closer to reality.
50%, here we come!

Diggin Deeper said...

Nice one Tyrone...You might just get 50% in that zip...