Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ACORN to the rescue

"Protesters disrupted several foreclosure auctions Tuesday on the Sacramento County Courthouse steps, winning a temporary cancellation of one and sending an unidentified auctioneer to the hospital with chest pains. Bidders on dozens of foreclosed Sacramento-area homes, all declining to provide their names, called the ACORN protest the first major disruption of an established auction schedule that plays out every weekday at the courthouse...."

More from the Sacramento Bee.


Cow_tipping said...

ACORN Protests are Completely Misdirected.
I'd be yelling in front of the house that the "owners" are missing payments on ... with slogans saying "Failed Flipper", "Casey serin wanna be", "pay your bills now" and "read what you're signing" and "you priced me out of this nice house by paying 3X what its fair price was you jerk" etc etc etc

patient renter said...

Exactly! Protesting an event that releases someone from a liability that they cannot afford is pretty misguided.

patient renter said...

I just had an idea -

Maybe the banks can hire ACORN to "protest" foreclosures up in Detroit and Cleveland, where they don't want the homes back :)

norcaljeff said...

Maybe since Obama is a financial supporter of ACORN, this is what he meant by his "plan to start stimulating the housing market."

sacramentia said...
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Tyrone said...

Why doesn't ACORN protest realtors, or appraisers, or banks, or wallstreet, or flippers, or brokers, or the mainstream media?

Total monkeys.

Cow_tipping said...

That would mean real actual legwork. Easier to show up @ the court scream slogans and get press coverage.
Its also easier to bash an evil corporation and stand up for the poor little people ... whether the little people are liars who gambled on making a killing or not.
In fact any time the damn thing happens, the bank should tack on an extra 10G into their outstanding mortgage.
Yea ... too much work for ACORN Illiterates to read the contract, look @ the house and say who scammed who and how.
Cow_tipping. said...

ACORN also protested banks that refused to participate in subprime loans suggesting they were anti-minority and racist...

Jacob said...

Yea the poor victims that got to buy more house then they could ever afford plus:

0% down

Cash back at closing

Got to cash out $50k or $100k or more to buy toys

Then they get to stop paying and live rent free for a year

Then get paid cash for keys to leave and not destroy the place

Then they walk and don't even have to pay taxes on the forgived debt.

And they get to keep any toys they bought.

In other countries poor people starve in the street and nobody would care... In the USA we give you a McMansion and if everything goes well you get rich and if everything goes wrong it is someone else's fault...