Monday, July 27, 2009

Sacramento Foreclosures via Google Maps

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Hat tip: Lansner on Real Estate

Also: Defaults starting to tag wealthier Sacramento-area ZIP Codes


siflsockpuppet said...

Very interesting... my house is still listed on this map and when I go directly to and search, even though we completed our purchase on May 22nd. In fact, Google says the source of the listing posted it on June 24th - more than a month after we moved in.

Is this the average quality of foreclosure listings? If so, I didn't miss anything by not subscribing to any foreclosure listing service.

Lander said...

While I don't vouch for their accuracy, there are two advantages of these maps versus the free previews the foreclosure listing sites provide:

1) Once you zoom in on your area of interest, you can see all the listings at once. You don't have to scroll through pages of listings.

2) Some of the listings actually have accompanying addresses.

norcaljeff said...

That is one sweet tool!