Tuesday, April 11, 2006

David Lereah, Whoopee Cushions, and Other Tidbits

Follow the verbal gymnastics of David Lereah (chief economist of the National Association of Realtors) at the David Lereah Watch blog. Brought to you by the Bubble Meter blogger.

Speaking of David Lereah, NPR recently had a piece in which the housing market was compared to a whoopee cushion. Can't say I've heard that one before!

Yesterday, NPR had a segment on the housing market, spotlighting rising inventory and the situation in Boston. The report mentions that the country has seen an extraordinary 35% increase in unsold inventory over the last year. (By comparison, Sacramento has seen an increase of 175+%).

Nitricacid.blogspot.com often posts interesting information about the Sacramento housing market. The latest is a Google Earth file of all the for sale listings in Sacramento County.

The Marin Real Estate Bubble blog continues to produce thought-provoking posts like this. And BubbleTrack asks "What The Heck Is A Soft Landing, Anyway?"


Happy Renter said...

Lockwood updated his site with this...

"I usually go for sold price per square foot, but in this case it gives the most pessimistic result."

Does anyone have a figure for Price/ sq. ft. It has to be pretty bad for him to not mention it.
As he has mentioned repeatedly it is the best indicator.

Anonymous said...

My favorite bubble blog is thereisnohousingbubble.blogspot.com

I wish he updated more often.

Rob Dawg said...

Sacto looks to be about $240/sf. About the same as Riverside and San Bernardino Counties for the same reasons.

The Sac Bee charts on DQNews tell the details.

Happy Renter said...

Sac Bee and Data Quicks numbers are for Febuary. Lockwood is publishing March figures but conveneantly left out Price /sq. ft. I was just curious if anyone had some figures for March.