Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wall Street Journal: Sacramento Leads California in Sales Decline

Is the Sacramento housing market the weakest real estate market in California? The Wall Street Journal has this tidbit:

Many cities that experienced fast run-ups in home prices during the past five years are now seeing sales cool the fastest. Homes that just last year were selling so rapidly that they stayed on the market for just days or even hours -- condominiums on the Florida coastline, desert haciendas in California and Arizona, town houses in Washington, D.C. -- are now languishing without buyers or even prospects. Many once-booming markets are seeing double-digit declines in sales.

Home sales have been slowing for several months, but real-estate agents in some of these formerly red-hot markets have been surprised at how suddenly market conditions have deteriorated in the past few months.

The Florida Association of Realtors reported recently that sales of existing single-family homes were down about 20% in February when compared to the same month a year ago -- and they were off as much as 47% in Naples. In California, sales dropped 15% in February compared with last year, led by a 30% decline in Sacramento, according to the California Association of Realtors. February sales were off year over year by about 19% in Washington, D.C., and down about 25% in and around Phoenix.
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indexhum said...

Sales were off 21% in Humboldt County in February (64 sold versus 81 in January) and seasonally adjusted sales are off 50% since last July:

Happy Renter said...

It's a beautiful day today. This weekend we are supposed to have rain but the warm weather will arrive monday. The poor weather has been the escuse for the poor sales for awhile. I'm expecting the warm weather to bring more sellers than buyers.Record breaking inventory by June!