Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sacramento Region Median Prices - July 2006

The first graph shows the percent change in median home prices for the Sacramento region's four counties. This includes single-family homes, condos, and new home sales. In July, all four counties experienced price depreciation on a yearly basis.

The second graph shows median prices for the region's four counties. Again, this includes single-family homes, condos, and new home sales. The diamond points represent price peaks.


Lander said...

FYI: For some reason, the data provided by DataQuick on differs from the DataQuick numbers published by the Sacramento Bee even though they purportedly measure the same thing: new and resale single-family homes and condos. For example, for July 2006, the Bee said prices in Sacramento County fell 5%, while lists the decline as 3.42%.

Happy Renter said...

I think the 3.42 was for resale single family homes only. The 5% included condos and new homes.

Lander said...

No. The Bee says -3.2% for resale single family homes.

Happy Renter said...

Your initial statement compared the -3.42% dataquick number to the -5% in the Bee.

Lander said...

All three numbers originate from DataQuick. However, the -5% and -3.42% figures both seem to be measuring the same thing (resale and new homes).

Here's a summary:

-5% (Bee/Dataquick)
Sacramento County saw California's steepest year-over-year fall in median home prices during July, according to DataQuick Information Services, a La Jolla-based researcher. The new survey shows that median sales prices for new and resale homes and condominiums in Sacramento County fell 5 percent below July 2005 levels.

"Reporting resale single family residences and condos as well as new homes."

-3.2% (Bee/Dataquick)
For existing single-family homes -- the largest segment of the sales market -- prices fell 3.2 percent below July 2005, to $353,250.

Perhaps the dqnews figure does not include new condos?