Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sacramento Foreclosure Statistics - March 2008

Sacramento County Foreclosure Statistics, March 2008

Pre-Foreclosures: 2,871
v. 2007: Up 113.1%

REOs: 1,679
v. 2007: Up 249.8%
More at Foreclosures.com.


Deflationary Jane said...

So my question is are the phantom investors ready to buy everything in the pipe? I started subscribing to a pulic trustee notice service (not the same as a REO site). There are all kinds of these services. The volume from this one subscriber is a site to behold. The decent stuff is starting to trickle in.

www.deflationaryjane.com (changed the url and blogger ID so I can laugh at my Davis neighbors and cut down on the pitchfork and torches action)

rocklin renter said...

Hey gwyn... errr... Jane...

I tried your site and got a 404 error (site not found).


DJ aka... I get the error too. I hope you haven't blown your cover already. Pitchforks and torches in academics hands are likely to result in self-inflicted wounds.

Lander said...

Site must of got lost in the woods of North Carolina ;)

Deflationary Jane said...

I know. Not sure how to fix my dilema currently. I'll switch back to blogger hosting just with a slightly different name.

Patient Renter said...

Hey looks like your new nickname will be DJ. Don't know if you were counting on that one. Better than the Big G I suppose :)

Deflationary Jane said...

I know but I never knew back when I started blogging that I'd have a real need to be anonymous. DJ will have do.

I'm a SQL girl. I loathe networking. I don't care what happens to the data after it's nicely scrubbed and I've work my magic. I just need to convince blogger that the new DNS exists and it really should point to it. I'd rather eat brussel spouts then deal with it.

I have another problem and tried posting on the HBB to zero avail.

I'm trying to help an psuedo friend out of a jam (he's trying to refi). He had a bk way back and the lenders are asking for copies of the judgement papers from 9 years ago. Of course he doesn't have them and needs to order copies. How do you do that without knowing the case number?

And no need to laugh and point. We already did that in spades - and then we took the poor schmuck to dinner.