Monday, April 07, 2008

Sacramento Median Asking Price Statistics - March 2008

According to Housing Tracker, March's median asking price fell nearly 30% year-over-year.

Since August 2005, the median has declined 37.5%.

More price measurements: Sacramento Price Watch


Tyrone said...

March 2006: Prices rose again in February. Darn, aren’t they supposed to keep falling? Isn’t Sacramento Land(ing) begging for us to call them price drops instead of price corrections?
And come to think of it, even when dropping that was a pretty smooth curve compared to a bursting bubble, wasn’t it? And now it’s on the rise again. Awww… and just when Sacramento Landing was reporting Central Valley “Bubble Appears to be Bursting”, we had to go screw it up with a price increase.
I'm sure you know where this came from.


TwoWheelsBetter said...

No doubt the market is headed south but with tons of lower-end houses on the market at reduced prices, there's a lot of apples-to-oranges at work here. Isn't there?

rocklin renter said...

No, there is no apples-to-oranges.

Just grapes. Sour grapes. And LOTS of them!

Jacob said...

Nobody cared about apples to oranges on the way up.

And if more lower priced homes move while the higher priced ones dont sell, it is only a matter of time before those come down too.

Lander said...

A bit more info from Housing Tracker

Asking Price Change since August 2005

25th Percentile: -45.5%
50th Percentile: -37.5%
75th Percentile: -30.6%


Lander, know what's interesting? Normally, bigger homes sell for less per $/sqft for obvious reasons. Smaller homes always have a higher price per sqft. What I've seen lately is the smaller homes are now selling for less $/sqft than their bigger counterparts. Don't recall last time I saw that.