Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ForeclosureRadar: Sacramento Defaults Hit New High


Jacob said...

It's tough to get a read on the foreclosure data with all the various moritorums manipulating the market.

But Fanny and Freddy just ended theirs so I would expect foreclosures to shoot back up.

Too many people bought with 0% down. They couldn't afford it anyway and even with out rate adjustments and job losses and every other problem out there, their were doomed as soon as their homes stopped appreciating.

luca said...

oh man, that chart looks like a title wave coming.

Just when I thought things were gonna get so much better- they get waaaaaaaaaaay worse.

The foreclosure moratorium in sept/ oct/ nov 08 makes the inventory look low right now - but with the new nod/nts charts you will see inventory like ever before.
- Thats what happens when gov't interferes in things they don't understand - the free market will find a price bottom on its own.

Diggin Deeper said...
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Diggin Deeper said...

Wouldn't you think with all the money our government's pumped into this economy they could get foreclosures under control? I mean what can't they do with unlimited $trillions at the ready?

OT...Sacramento's Tea Party this afternoon on the steps of the capitol...over 750 similar tea parties across the country. It will interesting to see the level of participation and guage it's affect, if any, on tax policies forthcoming.

patient renter said...

Ah yes, the Tea Party. I wish I could be there, but I'll be there in spirit.

mopar777 said...

Funny, I don't see this major story being reported by the Bee today.

Tyrone said...

Does anyone know if DQNews and the Bee are going to update the stats by zip code, anymore? It's noticeably absent.

Here's the last one I can find:
Sacramento Bee Zip Code Chart.

norcaljeff said...

AP is reporting tonight that foreclosures are up 24% in Q1. Good night bulls! Your bottom isn't here yet so put away the Preparation H.