Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sacramento Real Estate Market - February 2011

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husmanen said...

I have to report that one of my predictions for 2011 has been fulfilled.

"Buy a house in 2011"

My monthly PITI is about 25% below rental parity.

It was a wild process and I learned a lot.

There are a few things to do, ha... there are a lot of things to do, but I am extremely happy.

All my criteria were fulfilled, except the view, but I had to compromise on something.

Buying Time said...

Congrats Husmanen, delighted to see your patience was rewarded.

husmanen said...

Thanks BT. It feels great. Now I will plow all of my OCD-ness into house issues. Nice to change subjects ;-)

I can feel the knowledge of the housing crash/market leaking out of my small brain as I write.

I will miss this forum though. Although it has slowed to a crawl lately, it was one of the major contributors to me not drinking the kool-aid, no matter how hard I tried :-0= My hats' is off to all of you.

Also, thanks to you Lander for your site, it is/was an awesome platform for important and interesting discussion.

I am eternally grateful!

Roy said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your new house.

patient renter said...

Congrats Hus. You should post a roundup of your buying tips somewhere for those of us who have yet to take the plunge.

Giacomo said...


PeonInChief said...

Congratulations husmanen! Now you can write about your experiences at Home Depot and with contractors...